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The game of blackjack is one of the most exciting and profitable games in the casino, both real and virtual. Blackjack tournaments step that level of excitement up even higher, which can easily explain the rising popularity of blackjack tournaments worldwide. As gambling becomes more prevalent online and gambling superstars increase their moments in the spotlights, tournament play will become even more popular. The game of blackjack is one of the easiest to learn and if you pay attention and study techniques, blackjack can be one of the most lucrative games for players who can master it. One of the ways to really brush up on your blackjack skills is to participate in blackjack tournaments.

Blackjack Tournaments, whether played online or at land-based casinos, offer one of the best values in the gambling world. Since tournament players are competing against each other instead of against the casino, a smart player can get a big edge by learning to play better than the average gambler.

Blackjack tournaments are great! The reason I think so is because you can play a ton of blackjack while only risking your entrance fee. It allows you to get more experience, while not having to play against the casino, but against other fellow blackjack players. That means that everybody faces the same casino edge and there is theoretical parity between players. But, obviously, some players understand strategy better than others, so they will always have an edge over the average player.

Playing Against Other Players
The first difference between blackjack tournaments and regular blackjack play is that a tournament involved beating the other players. In a normal, casino-style game of blackjack, how the other players do compared to you has no relevance; in a blackjack tournament, it's the only thing that does have relevance. So the chip stacks of the other players has a major effect on your tournament strategy.

Overlay and Positive Expectation
Another important difference between tournament blackjack and regular blackjack is the overlay, which simply means a positive expectation situation. Most blackjack tournament entry fees make up the prize money for the tournament, and any money that the casino adds to the prize pool becomes positive expectation for the players in the tournament.

Play Blackjack Tournaments

Before you enter a tournament here are some things to consider.

What are the prizes?
If you have to pay an entry fee you want to know how much money will be returned to the players. The best paid tournaments to enter are the ones that give back all the entry fees in the form of prizes. The majority of the entry fees should be returned to the players. Casinos hold tournaments to attract players into their establishments. They will be making money from additional play made by the entrants. If the tournament is free the prize money should be enough to justify your time to play. Is the prize money guaranteed? Casinos should list the prizes and make this information available before your enter. . You can take a look at the prize structure of a tournament and determine how much is being returned to the players. If the tournament is free you need to assess if it is worth your time to participate.

What are the rules?
a minimum bet and maximum bet? How many rounds will be played and how long will they last. Not all tournaments are run the same way and you want to make sure you know all the rules before you start. Tournaments that last a few days usually have a Welcome Party where all the rules are given to the players. I suggest that you find out ahead of time what the rules and prizes are before you travel to play in a tournament. If the promoters are hesitant about giving you all the rules up front, you may want to pass on a tournament.

How Much Time Is Involved?
You should know how much time it will take. Some tournaments have you play an early round to qualify with the final rounds later in the day. This is done to ensure that you will stick around and play while you are waiting for next round of the tournament.

What is the cost?
Will you be using your own money or will you be given tournament chips? Tournaments that use chips give each player a certain amount of starting chips. These tournaments have a fixed cost. Some of the blackjack tournaments require the player to use their own money.

Registering to play.
Some tournaments let you sign up day in advance but most of the smaller ones have registration a few hours before the tournament starts. The first thing and you will do is visit the registration table. This is where you will pay your entry fee and receive your time and table assignment. You should have already read the rules but this is a good time to take another look at them. If you have any questions about the rules this is the time to ask, not after the tournament has begun.

Blackjack Tournament Strategy Tips

To win in blackjack tournaments, you want to play aggressively and competitively. Some of the best advice about playing in any casino tournaments can be found in Stanford Wong's Casino Tournament Strategy. Some of his advice includes:

Succeed or go bust. You don't win anything if you don't make it to the next round of the tourney, so it's better to go broke trying to get there than to play conservatively with no hope of moving forward.

When you're behind, go for the big swing. When you're losing is the time to start going for a big change in direction. Bet big and catch up fast should be your goal if you're behind.

When you're ahead, go with the flow. It's okay to relax and play more conservatively when you're way ahead of everyone else. You don't want to bet big and lose and give someone else a chance to catch up with you. Let the other players take the risks.

Online blackjack tournaments

Blackjack tournaments in actual casinos are not held as frequently as other types of casino tournaments for one main reason: space. Most casinos don’t have large amounts of space to devote to setting up more than a few blackjack tables at a time, so blackjack tournaments held in actual casinos are usually held during the week (the quietest time for most casinos) and infrequently.

Online blackjack tournaments, however, play by a completely different set of rules. Online blackjack tournaments happen far more frequently as online blackjack tournaments are not bound by space because they exist in cyberspace. Online blackjack tournaments can feature unlimited amounts of people playing in several different rooms at once. This could explain the growing popularity of all forms of tournament play online.